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Henna and Tarot in the Flowers

We are honored to collaborate with two incredibly talented business owners to bring you a unique experience surrounded by beauty at Barefoot Blossom Farm.  Jessica, from Starshine Arts will be here to paint on the most beautiful henna art.  I can tell you personally that I absolutely loved my henna and can't wait for my next design.  Her talent shines through every design and you won't believe the beauty she can create in such a short amount of time. 

Natasha from the Soulful Stargazer will bring her passion and experience for Tarot reading right to us on the farm.  Each session will be 15 minutes and will need to be reserved with purchase of ticket.


My whole family is in line for this experience!! They are ecstatic for the whole evening.


Henna and Tarot in the Flowers will be a relaxing evening on the farm.  We will divide the group in to two groups.  Half of the group will be led on a guided UPick session through the flowers.  While this group is picking flowers the other group will receive their henna art and if they signed up for a Tarot reading, your time will be scheduled during this time as well.   This group will also have time to converse and have some light refreshments and snacks. After the first group session is complete we will switch.     

IMG_9735 (1).JPG
  • Dress for the Weather

  • Wear Farm Appropriate Shoes

  • Bring a Box or Container to Transport your flowers home in for the Car.

  • Allow a few minutes to Walk up from the parking lot.



We are so excited to meet you and welcome you to our beloved farm. Sign up below to stay in the loop about our U-Pick Season, Events, and Seasonal Bouquets. 

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