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Are you ready to start picking?

We are looking forward to meeting you this summer!

Our U-pick will begin in a few months depending on good old mother nature.


Sign up for our U-pick email list below. We will be sending out notifications on when our U-pick season will be starting. 



This question will have a different answer every year.  This depends on good old Mother Nature!!  We have a love/hate relationship with her.  If only she talked to me more or let me in on her secrets!!  Our u-pick depends on when the flowers are ready.  We would hate to have you out and not have our fields full of wonderful flowers for you to pick.  We expect it to be about Mid July-September.   Click here for more information on our U-Picks.

Until the U-pick is open and the field is flowing we will continue to offer bouquets weekly at the farm stand.  These will be filled with early seasonal blooms.  Click here for more information on our Bouquets.



Fingers crossed our flower stand will open very soon! The stand will vary different types of flowers based on the season based on what’s available.  Our stand will approximately be open June-October

We will keep our social media up to date if there is an abundance available to pick up.

There is a cash box there to drop off payment of cash or check.  (Checks made out to

Barefoot Blossom Farm)

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