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Dreaming of Dahlias


With each month of flowering comes another favorite.  The dahlia is definitely one we wait for on the farm.  It's colors and shapes cannot be matched and while the sunflower is a stunner, by the time the dahlia begins blooming, we have already had about a month of sunflowers and I am so excited to see these beauties every season.  

The dahlia begins from a tuber, which is much different than all of our other annuals we grow from a seed.  Tubers typically range from $6-$80 a piece depending on where you purchase them and the variety.   Each tuber will produce a large plant that will give you one kind of flower.  To get  a variety you need to plant a variety of tubers.

There are so many different kinds of dahlias: poms, dinner plates, decorative, waterlily, to just name a few.   They come in miniature sizes of 1" and can be as big as 12".  The variety of color combinations is endless and people are constantly breeding new varieties.

While growing these flowers can be intimidating, it is also very rewarding and a tad addicting.  Don't say I didn't warn you!!!   

To learn more about this amazing flower, how to grow it and to make your own dahlia arrangement, join us for our Dreaming of Dahlias event.  Here we take a closer look at this exceptional flower.


The Dreaming of Dahlias event is a time for you to learn how to plant, grow, maintain and preserve your dahlia flowers and tubers.  After we chat there will be time for everyone to make a bouquet using dahlias as the foundation.  There will also be fillers available to build up the bouquet.  We will walk you through this process including choosing the right complimenting flowers and colors.

Dates and Tickets will be announced in the Spring.  Please make sure you are on our VIP Friends Email List so you don't miss ticket sales.


  • Dress for the Weather

  • Wear Farm Appropriate Shoes

  • Bring a Box or Container to Transport your flowers home in for the Car.

  • Allow a few minutes to Walk up from the parking lot.



We are so excited to meet you and welcome you to our beloved farm. Sign up below to stay in the loop about our U-Pick Season, Events, and Seasonal Bouquets. 

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