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The notion of wanting to start a flower farm began in 2017 with a fundraiser.  My daughter was invited by a talent scout to LA and we needed a way to pay for the trip.   Juliana and I worked together that summer to seed, grow, harvest, arrange, and sell flowers to pay for our trip to LA.   We learned so much together that summer but one of the things that resonated most was how much people really loved flowers.  Our community was so supportive.  We sold out so fast when we sold at our local grocery store.  We were amazed at how much people loved our bouquets and how supportive everyone was.   Our wheels were cranking and our love of flowers was blossoming.



From that year forward, my gardens grew and we were always delivering flowers to people everywhere we went.   We even stopped in our local senior center a few times and chatted with some folks to brighten their day, which brightened ours of course, and taught the kids great life lessons.   The open-door policy was always there for family and friends to come and pick what they wanted or needed.  Throughout the years we helped provide flowers and bouquets for many showers, weddings, and parties.  The hints were dropping left and right that this was the route we needed to go!!

I think we felt the final push the year of Covid.  People were so trapped in their homes and afraid to be around other people.  The outdoors seemed to be the only place you may find them together.  That was the year we decided to go for it!!  We designed our field with 6 foot walking paths in between for not only the mower but for those were thinking of safety.  We couldn't wait to get the community out and about again.  



My husband and I both still work full-time jobs but even still waiting was not what we wanted anymore.  We felt like not only did we need this, but people needed this.  


 We love living off the land and being involved in our community.  Growing flowers helps us give back in so many positive ways.  We are excited to reach out to so many and hopefully spread some joy.


So you see if you read this all the way to the end(thank you), our story is not a magical one, just a real one.   We believe in hard work, dedication, kindness, and the power of believing!!  Dreams don’t just magically happen, but you can help to make them happen!  Believe and Achieve!


We are so excited to meet you and welcome you to our beloved farm. Sign up below to stay in the loop about our U-Pick Season, Events, and Seasonal Bouquets. 

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