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Barefoot Blossom Farm | Ortonville, Michigan

Color throughout the seasons


Spring, Summer and heading to fall, let our subscriptions delight you with the most amazing flowers that we grow right here on our flower farm in Michigan. 


Subscription details


Depending on whether it's spring or summer, your subscription will either be bi-weekly or weekly.   We will communicate through email the day before to remind you about picking up.  If you can't pick up on one of your days, simply send a friend or relative to enjoy your bouquet that week.


We have three options to receive your bouquets this 2023 season:  

1. Pick up on our farm in Ortonville.

2. Pick up at A Bean to Go Coffee House in Lake Orion

3.  Pick up at Hailey James Exchange on Dixie Hwy/Clarkston or Hailey James Thrift on Ortonville Road/Ortonville

3. Delivery may be available.


Should you have a group of 4 or more people looking to receive delivery at one location and you are outside of our delivery area, please reach out and we will see if we can make it happen. Our subscriptions come market wrapped and with flower food attached.  Each week we will tell you what's in your bouquet and if there are any special care instructions for the different flowers.




Spring subscriptions will start and end depending on the weather.  Bouquets will be filled with Spring favorites such as; fancy daffodils, tulips, lilacs, peonies, ranunculus, lupin and many other spring blooming flowers. Weeks may need to be flexible for this subscription because it is weather dependent.

Barefoot Blossom Farm | Ortonville, Michigan

Non -Subscription


Summer is such a busy time of year for everyone so we are trying something completely different this year.  Join our Bouquet Club through a free app called REMIND.  We will send out quick texts when bouquets are available and if you are not on vacation and would love to snag one of our premium summer bouquets you will simply reply and send payment.  Your bouquet will be waiting for you at one of our 4 pick up locations listed above. 

 Summer bouquets will be filled  with the greats like sunflowers, zinnias, cinnamon basil, cosmos, statice, asters, lemon basil, rudbeckia, early blooming dahlias and so much more!!  You can expect a variety of colors and a different bouquet every week.

To join the Bouquet Club click here:

Barefoot Blossom Farm | Ortonville, Michigan



Many would say the dahlias are the star of the flower field.  They are so amazingly beautiful!!!  They are last in our subscription because they are late bloomers.  You can expect a beautiful bouquet packed with a variety of dahlias each week.  This is a 3 week subscription beginning late in August.

Barefoot Blossom Farm | Ortonville, Michigan



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