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I am always amazed at how everyone’s “favorite” flower can be so varied.  I have laughed so many times because one of my least favorites, the black-eyed susan, I have heard from so many over the years that it is their FAVORITE!   It always reminds them of something special.  It too reminds me of something, but not special.  I think of all the time spent digging it out over and over again because it has taken over my flower beds.  LOL

At Barefoot Blossom Farm we strive to grow a very large variety of flowers, fillers and foliage.  We hope you find that flower that sparks a special memory for you!  The pics below will be updated as the season progresses to show a visual of each variety.  Please click here to see our What’s in Bloom chart if you are looking to plan your visit around one of your favorites. 


Below you will find estimated bloom times of what we are hoping to offer this year on the farm.  Please keep in mind that weather and growing conditions can not only affect the bloom time, but sometimes the yield of each variety.  Sometimes the time can flex by up to a month.


Many of the flowers listed in our What’s in Bloom? Chart have multiple varieties and colors.  We have only listed the common name for the group of flowers.  For instance we will have at least 4 varieties of Rudbeckia this year: Black Eyed Susan,  Cherokee Sunset, Sahara and Prairie Sun.  We will have over 10 varieties of both zinnia and sunflowers and we will be growing over 60 different varieties of dahlias.  If you are looking for something specific, please reach out to us.  It may not be listed. 

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